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The Night Shift

I remember when I first surrendered I was holding up my arms And the night it had fallen about us Every solider to a shelter, Every man into his mask, I held mine up high in the darkness. Could I shed my second skin And throw my costume to the wind To sing out once again in the morning? But when we’re standing in the doorway There’s a shadow on the floor That grows a silver smile before us Cause I’ve been working on the night shift The sun went down for days And it won’t come up again And I’ll be singing on that night shift For you to hear my cries As the night passes by Another day, another dawn, another evening coming on I reached up in the night For your answer, But too quick the tale of time How my face had lost its shine, I looked into the mirror And I couldn’t find it; I am thirsty, give me water Let me drink until I’m full When the night it would break And divide us But there’s a fountain in the valley There’s a light beyond the hill That runs its solar course To remind us That we’re just working on the night shift The sun went down for days And I hope to see your face once again And I’ll be singing on the night shift With you by my side A light yet abides


Performed by John Corrigan and Sarah Corrigan Composed and Produced by John Corrigan

From Vein of Fire, track released November 19, 2017 Photo courtesy of Picturepest ( under creative commons license:

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