John Michael Corrigan earned his PhD from the University of Toronto and was a postdoctoral fellow at Emory University. He currently teaches at National Chengchi University, a public research institution in Taipei City. He writes primarily about American Romanticism and Modernism and works in the field of Digital Humanities, serving as a senior editor with the University of Virginia’s Digital Yoknapatawpha. His first book, American Metempsychosis, was published with Fordham University Press, and he is the author of numerous articles and book chapters in areas ranging from literature to philosophy to the history of ideas.



Digital Humanities

William Faulkner; Digital Yoknapatawpha

20th-century American Literature


19th-century American Literature

American Renaissance


2014 - Present

National Chengchi University

Professor of American Literature and Digital Humanities

2012 - 2013

Emory University

Postdoctoral Fellow

Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry

Esotericism and the History of Religion

Neoplatonism, Hermeticism, Platonic Orientalism, 

Vedic Philosophy, Taoism, Buddhism

2010 - 2014

Ming Chuan University

Assistant Professor of American Literature and English Language

2009 - 2010

University of Toronto

Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of the United States

2002 - 2009

University of Toronto

PhD in English Literature

2000 - 2002      

University of Saskatchewan

M.A. in English Literature

1996 - 1999

St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan

B.A. (Honors): English Literature (Major); Philosophy (Minor)