Vein of Fire

November 12, 2017






I saw you in color that day 
A rainbow alive in your hair 
Cannot stay 

You had just smiled in the cold 
A vein of fire burning inside out 
Won’t blow away 

That was then 
The fire burned on 
It raised its back 
And kept us warm in the night 

What is alive in the dawn 
Cannot survive very long 
Without change 

But we were still caught in the cold 
falling through holes in the back of our memory 

That was then 
The fire burned low 
We gave our hearts 
To make it whole in the night 


Yes, you still smile in the cold 
A vein of fire turning inside out 
Won’t blow away

from Vein of Fire, released November 11, 2017 
Composed, Performed, and Produced by John Corrigan 

Album Art, "Fluid Dreams of Fire," by Sandra Used under CC

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