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Come on over, I've got nothing left to hide My days are rollin' over, I'll be lying down to die Come on over, I'm not the only mark Abandoned all my friends and took the winnings in the dark Come on over, I'm not the one betrayed I gave you up for silver and carried it away Just like Judas Come on over when the days are fallen down Do not let me wonder, don't put me in the ground Come on over, I'll take your hand in mine I promise I could love you though I'm fastened up with twine Just like Judas Come on over, I'm swinging up on high With the oceans at my feet and an emptiness inside But could I sing, could I sing, could I let my voice go free There above the city, hanging from a tree I'm just like.....


Released November 17, 2015 Composed, performed and produced by John Corrigan Thank you to Chinggy Huang for the artwork and to Sarah Corrigan for harmonies

Image is is under Attribution 2.0 Generic from:

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