John Michael Corrigan earned his PhD from the University of Toronto and was a postdoctoral fellow at Emory University. He currently teaches at National Chengchi University, a public research university in Taipei city. He writes primarily about American Romanticism and Modernism and works in the field of Digital Humanities, serving as a senior editor with the University of Virginia’s Digital Yoknapatawpha. His first book, American Metempsychosis, was published with Fordham University Press, and he is the author of numerous articles and book chapters in areas ranging from literature to philosophy to the history of ideas.

The Night Shift
Vein of Fire



"The transmigration of souls is no fable. I would it were, but men and women are only half human." With these words, Ralph Waldo Emerson confronts a dilemma that illuminates the formation of American individualism: to evolve and become fully human requires a heightened engagement with history. Americans, Emerson argues, must realize history's chronology in themselves--because their own minds and bodies are its evolving record. 

Romantic Legacies: Transnational and Transdisciplinary Contexts presents the most wide-ranging treatment of Romantic regenerations, covering the cross-pollination between the arts or between art and thought in Germany, Britain, France, the US, Russia, India, China, and Japan. Each chapter in the volume examines a legacy or afterlife in a comparative context to demonstrate ongoing Romantic legacies as fully as possible in their complexity and richness. 

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